’Twas The Night Before Christmas…


…and Askern lay still,
Feedback was stirring, with promises to fulfil.
The festival of yore, so lively and grand,
Had lessons to learn, to meet every demand.

To the heart of the town, where it all began,
At the Events Field, AMF builds their plan.
For Askern, the birthplace, so dear and so old,
Was beckoning back, its story retold.

The lineup for 2024, a promise so clear,
Hints of what’s coming, the town would soon hear.
Askern stood ready, with hope in its hand,
For AMF’s move back, to its beloved land.

So here’s to the future, to nights filled with song,
To AMF back in Askern, where it truly belongs.
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night,
In the embrace of Askern, shining ever so bright!

AMF to return home in 2024!

We’ve been listening to the feedback we’ve had regarding this year’s festival and we want to make next year’s the best one yet.

So as part of that, we want to bring AMF home.

Askern is the very thing that inspired this festival in the first place, and we want to bring it back to where it started, right in the heart of Askern.

We heard your voices, and have taken action. If they haven’t already, local people will soon begin to hear about AMF returning to Askern, with the new site located at Askern Town Council’s Events Field. The rumours are true, and we’re well on the way to making it happen. 

New Site at Askern Town Council’s Events Field

Subject to a successful licensing application, please see the proposed AMF 2024 festival site below:

Map of Askern
Proposed AMF 2024 Site at Askern Town Council’s Events Field

Why is AMF moving?

We’d like to thank the great people at Thornhurst Manor Country Park for teaming up with us on AMF 2023 – they were fantastic.

Ultimately, we’ve decided to move back to Askern after last year’s event with the primary aim of enhancing the experience for all. This new venue will enable us to guarantee the quality of bars and speed of service, facilities, transportation, and other essential amenities that we strive to deliver. We’re committed to ensuring that every aspect of the festival surpasses your expectations.

The new space will help us listen to those who have been with us from the beginning, allowing us to make continuous improvements and grow the festival to its full potential in future years. We already have a lot planned, as well as a killer lineup for AMF 2024 (if we do say so ourselves!).

Looking ahead to a new chapter

As a famed spa town, Askern has a rich history of tourism and visitors. Naturally, we want to be part of that and give people extra reason to shout about it.

We’ll be holding some consultations at Alexander House in the near future, providing you with the opportunity to meet the people behind the festival as well as ask any questions you may have.

Please get behind us Askern. We’re calling on every member of the Askern community, from residents to the local council and businesses, to help make AMF as special as it can be. 

What a year we’ve got ahead. Stay tuned for our AMF 2024 Lineup Announcement, starting in the New Year. Let’s bring AMF home!

Askern Music Festival is moving to Askern Town Council’s Events Field, subject to a successful licensing application.

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