AMF 2024 Main Stage – The Farm

The Farm


All together now! The Farm is the first Main Stage artist announced for AMF 2024. They are an awesome band and great crowd-pleasers – we couldn’t be happier to have them on.

The Farm

Liverpool band The Farm was championed by the legendary DJ John Peel and did 5 sessions for him during the 1980s.

Suggs from Madness produced their first single Hearts & Minds in 1984 which was a minor indie hit. In 1987 they supported The Housemartins on a UK tour and impressed singer Paul Heaton who went on to produce tracks by them. 

Stepping Stone their 1st release on the Produce label in 1990 became an instant indie/club hit. Produced by Suggs & Boys Own DJ Terry Farley, they appeared in a seminal documentary about club culture in Ibiza called A Short Film About Chillin: Top 5 hits Groovy Train and All Together Now soon followed as their small independent label took on the majors. 

After playing sell-out tours it was no surprise that their album Spartacus went straight in at No 1 in March 1991. It was a truly extraordinary achievement as the label had independent distribution. After being signed in the US to Sire Record by the legendary Seymour Stein in 1991 they toured extensively with Big Audio Dynamite. They went on to record a new album Love See No Colour which was released in 1992.

The critically acclaimed album was a change in direction for the group.

Still signed to Sire in the USA they released Hullaballoo in 1994 which is a long-lost treasure as it was only ever released in America. In 2005 the original lineup reformed for a tour with The Happy Monday’s and they continue to play festivals during the summer.

The Farm’s digital release Let The Music (Take Control) is available from Thursday 1 February 2024. This track is the second in a series by the band and follows the success of the radio hit “Feel The Love”. 

It is a vibrant mix of electronic sounds inspired by Kraftwerk, brought to life with dynamic guitar riffs. And was inspired by a chance meeting and live performance by legendary guitarist, composer and producer Nile Rodgers.

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