AMF 2024 Main Stage – Tom Meighan

Tom Meighan


NO TOM, NO PARTY. You called for it, we listened, and delivered! Tom Meighan will return to AMF to shut the Main Stage down once again this summer. His performance last year was spectacular – you could feel a shift in the atmosphere as soon as he hit the stage. The AMF team are so proud to welcome him back.

Tom Meighan Bio

It’s been 20 years since Tom Meighan signed his first record deal with Kasabian at the age of 21. He sold four million albums, celebrated 5 consecutive number one albums and was awarded, amongst many others, a BRIT Award, 7 NME Awards, 5 Q Magazine Awards, a Mojo award and a Music Week Award. He headlined Glastonbury, V Festival and Reading and Leeds twice, along with most other major European music festivals. He toured the world, relentlessly.

Throughout all of this, Tom was masking undiagnosed ADHD and Generalised Anxiety Disorder. He was self-medicating with drugs and alcohol. His loved ones could see disaster was approaching, but didn’t know how to help. His previous band booked him into rehabmid-US tour, but it was unsuccessful. His partner (now wife) and his mum reached out to the police on several occasions amid fears that he was going to take his own life. Then, in April 2020, during the first Covid lockdown, Tom Meighan’s world imploded. As is often the case with those in the thrall of addiction, a devastating, life changing event occurred. What some saw as an unforgivable act of rage, others saw as one final, primal cry for help.

During Tom’s intense recovery program, he received his mental health diagnosis. Research shows that mental health problems are experienced by the majority of drug (70%) and alcohol (86%) misusers in the UK. It also shows that a history of drug and alcohol use is recorded in 54% of suicides in people experiencing mental health problems.

Addiction, remorse, recovery, redemption. These are themes that run deep on Tom’s magnificent solo album. Whatever the reasons he didn’t contribute to the songwriting in Kasabian, it wasn’t down to lack of talent. The confidence and ability to sing an earworm with passion and charm remain in Tom’s new songs. What’s new are a broad range of styles. In addition to the rock power and bulletproof bangers of his former band, you’ll hear a blissed-out euphoria, a tenderness and a lyrical depth resulting from a period of self-reflection and emotional maturity.

The journey of recovery is not an easy one, particularly for someone in the public eye. The less stigmatised addiction becomes, the more we talk, the more we listen and the less we judge others without having walked in their shoes, the sooner we might move on from the cold hard rejection of cancel culture.

Perhaps we can all take something from standout track Scared – “I’ll help you stand, stand on two feet, take it step by step, hold on to me / We’re all scared, scared of going under, we are lost souls we are not numbers / We’re all scared, scared that no one’s there, every son and daughter, keep your head above the water / There’s a way through this madness, a way through it all, we’ll do it together, I won’t let you fall.”

A born frontman with an unmatched ability to get a crowd jumping, Tom has just finished a packed out UK tour and with live shows throughout the summer, including a support slot with his friend Noel Gallagher, his sights are firmly set on the future.

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