Askern Music Festival Postponed Until 2025


AMF fans and supporters,

We deeply regret to inform you that our license application for Askern Events Field has been denied by the Doncaster Council’s licensing sub-committee due to public safety concerns. 

The decision to postpone comes after extensive work from the team to explore alternative venues within the area, all of which failed to meet the stringent safety requirements imposed by the Council.

Despite our team’s intensive efforts to keep the festival in Askern, we have outgrown the town and can no longer feasibly hold the event here.

Our preparations for a return to Askern involved developing a comprehensive Events Safety Management plan, spanning 154 pages, with an additional Road Traffic Management Plan. This work covered various aspects including event organisation, site and crowd management, and emergency response. Key details included:

  • Event Staff and Crowd Control
  • Fire Safety and Medical Services
  • Public Health and Accessibility
  • Traffic and Campsite Management
  • Emergency Plans and Security
  • Entry, Exit, and Capacity Limits
  • Risk Assessments

We exhausted every possible avenue to address all aspects of safety, but unfortunately, our efforts fell short. The site’s limitations combined with the rigorous safety standards set by the Council presented a challenge that was just too much for us to overcome.

With heavy hearts, we must postpone Askern Music Festival until 2025

2025 at The Eco Power Stadium

However, we’re turning this challenge into an opportunity for an even bigger and better event. We are thrilled to announce that we are collaborating with Club Doncaster to secure The Eco Power Stadium for 2025 with the Main Stage located on the pitch, and the surrounding areas of the stadium also being used for further performances and entertainment.

The New Dates

Next year’s festival will be held on the 7th June 2025 — we are collaborating with Club Doncaster to finalise all the details.

The Lineup

We’re planning to keep as much of the proposed lineup for 2024 the same, and have already had many big-name artists agree for these dates next year, however Billy Ocean is not available so we’re working on a massive Indie headliner fitting of a stadium. 

The Price

In light of these changes, we’re reducing the ticket price to the tier 1 pricing (£55 adult, £125 family).


Askern Music Festival was originally for our local community, and this will always remain a huge part of our ethos despite a move away from the town.

As such, we will be offering a free bus service to help accommodate travel from Askern for ticket holders from the area. 

Camping, Campervan, Parking, and Other Refunds

We will soon release a plan of action for people to refund tickets for camping and campervan pitches, as well as parking booked for 2024.

We kindly request your support by retaining your tickets, as this will greatly aid us in planning and delivering an unforgettable festival experience next year. 

While the lineup will remain largely the same, we understand the inconvenience this change may cause for some people. We are happy to address these refund requests on a case-by-case basis up until the 13th of July 2024.

To request a refund, contact .

Please find our Terms and Conditions, where you can find and read our refund policy.

If you purchased your tickets through See Tickets, contact them directly and they will assist with this.

Thank you

We truly appreciate your understanding and continued support – it means everything to us. The spirit of Askern Music Festival has always been about coming together as a community with friends and family to celebrate music. 

We are disappointed to have faced another significant hurdle. However, we remain committed to making 2025 the biggest music event Doncaster has ever experienced, at a new and truly spectacular venue.

Thank you for standing with us during this transition. Let’s look forward to an incredible festival at The Eco Power Stadium in 2025!

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